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TB-Lab aims to strengthen the capacity of National Tuberculosis Reference Laboratories (NTRLs) in 23 countries in West and Central Africa. The project is coordinated by the Supranational Reference Laboratory (SRL) of Cotonou, supported by the SRLs of Antwerp (Belgium) and Milan (Italy).

The main goal is to improve the capacity of tuberculosis and MDR-TB diagnosis and the quality in TB laboratories in these countries.

The objectives of the project:

  1.  To establish a regional network of national tuberculosis reference laboratories in West and Central Africa.
  2. To strengthen the technical capacity in analytical testing for the diagnosis and monitoring of tuberculosis of the national reference laboratories through appropriate training and on-site technical assistance.
  3. To establish a training centre of excellence on tuberculosis in the sub-region
  4. To strengthen the technical capacity of national reference laboratories for active participation in epidemiological surveillance and operational research on tuberculosis.