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The international network of TB laboratories

Five National Tuberculosis Reference Laboratories (NTRLs) (Gabon, Guinea Bissau, Niger, Togo, and Burundi) have a formal collaboration agreement with the Cotonou SRL through the WHO global TB Supranational Reference Laboratory Network. In addition, the SRL supports 23 NTRLs in the West and Central African sub-region through the TB-Lab network. The services provided by the Cotonou SRL to these countries include the following activities:

  • On-site and online technical assistance to laboratories on several aspects (technical, quality management, biosafety, management, national laboratory network)
  • A regular External Quality Assessment (EQA) program for microscopy and GeneXpert
  • Provision of its technical platform to the NTRLs for tests not available in the country.
  • Physical and online training programs, individually or in groups, on any aspect relevant to an NTRL.
  • Annual follow-up visits to assess the impact of the various capacity strengthening activities.