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Biomedical analyses

The Cotonou SRL provides tests for the bacteriological diagnosis of tuberculosis and treatment monitoring. The tests offered are:


  • Mycobacteriological tests
  • Microscopy for acid-fast bacilli (AFB)
    • GeneXpert MTB/RIF
    • Culture of mycobacteria
    • Tuberculosis drug susceptibility testing
    • Hybridization test (LPA-HAIN)
    • Intra Dermo Reaction to Tuberculosis (IDR)
    • Molecular diagnosis of Buruli ulcer
  • Other tests
    • Biochemistry
    • Standard hematology
    • Standard bacteriology
    • Serology
    • Targeted sequencing, genotyping (spoligotyping), MIRU-VNTR (in the context of scientific research

The opening hours of the laboratory, the conditions and the type of samples required for these tests as well as other useful information for request an exam at the SRL of Cotonou are described and updated in the Customer Manual.